GOKARNA’S STORY, A story from Bhagavat Sudha Sagar

This story contains secret of ultimate happiness, satisfaction and way to reach God. This story is about how a human soul trapped in evil energies after death and how he got liberate from evil energies and got vaikunth dham with the help of Bhagavat Sudha Sagar.



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(A story telling about amazing powers of Bhagavat Sudha Sagar)

In the past, Anupam Nagar was once situated on the banks of Tungabhadra river. In that city there lived a Brahmin named Atmadev, an expert in all the Vedas and adept in narrating. He was a great beggar even though he was rich. His beloved wife Dhundhuli, she was always adamant on her words even though she was beautiful. She found pleasure in talking to people. She was cruel in nature. Often she used to chatter something or the other. She was proficient in housework, was miserly, and was also quarrelsome. In this way, the Brahmin-couple used to live in their house and roam around with love. He had a lot of material and luxury but they were not happy with that. When they were getting old, then they started different kinds of good deeds for the children and they started donating cow, earth, gold and clothes etc. to the poor. In this way, he spent half of his wealth in the path of righteousness, yet he did not get to see the face of any son or daughter. That's why now that brahmin started being very worried. One day that Brahmin deity was very sad and left the house and went to the forest. He felt thirsty in the afternoon, so he came to a pond. The sorrow of not having a child had made his body very dry, so he sat there after drinking water due to tiredness. After two hours passed, a monk Mahatma came there. When the Brahmin saw that he had drunk water, then he went to him and after saluting at his feet, stood in front of him and began to take long breaths.

The monk asked - say, Brahmin deity. Why are you crying? What worries you so much? You tell me the reason of your sorrow soon.

Brahmin said - Maharaj! I have become so sad for the child that I see everything empty. I have come here to sacrifice my life. Woe to the childless life, woe to the childless home. Woe to the childless wealth. The cow that I take care of also becomes barren; the tree that I plant does not bear fruit. When I am so unfortunate and childless, then what should I do by keeping this life. Having said this, the Brahmin, distraught with sorrow, started crying bitterly near that Sannyasin Mahatma. Then great compassion arose in the heart of that monk mahatma. He was yogic; He came to know the whole story by looking at the lines on his forehead and then told it in detail.

The monk said - Seeing your fate at this time, I have decided that for seven births you had to suffer because of having no children in any way. Brahmin. You leave hope to the family. True happiness is in retirement(sanyas).

Brahmin said - Mahatmaji. What will happen to me with discretion? Give me a son by force, otherwise I will die in front of you. The one who does not have the happiness of son-wife etc., retirement is completely boring.

When Mahatma ji saw that he did not give up his insistence in any way, then he gave him a fruit and said, feed it to your wife, it will give birth to a son. Your wife should follow the rules of true defecation, kindness, charity and eating only one grain at a time for one year. If she does this, the child will be of very pure nature.

Saying this, he went to Yogiraj and the Brahmin returned to his home. After coming there, he gave that fruit in his wife’s hands and himself went somewhere. His wife was of a crooked nature, she started crying and said to one of her friend - Friend, I am worried. I will not eat this fruit. After eating fruit, the womb will be big, then nothing will be eaten or drunk. This will weaken my power, then tell me how will be the business of the house. She didn't eat that fruit and when her husband asked you ate the fruit, she said - yes ate it. One day his sister came to his house on her own, she narrated the whole story to her sister and said that I am very worried about this. I am getting thinner day by day because of this sorrow. Then her sister said, there is a child in my womb, I will give it to you. Until then, you act like a pregnant woman and if you give me some money then I will give you my child. And give this fruit to your cow to test this fruit.

Her sister said- we will do such a trick that in which we will tell everyone that my child died after six months and I will continue to nurture that child every day when I will give it to you.

After this, when her son was born in time, her husband quietly gave him to Dhundhuli. the people of Atmadevpur became happy.

Gave donations and singing and playing and many auspicious acts started at his door. Dhundhuli said to her husband, there is no milk for my child, then how will I bring up this child with the milk of any other creature like cow? My sister just had a child, he has died, call her and keep her here, then she will take care of this child of yours. Then in order to protect the son, Atmadev did the same and mother Dhundhuli named the child Dhundhukari.

After three months, that cow also had a human-like child. He was all round beautiful, divine, pure and golden like gold. Seeing him, the Brahmin deities were overjoyed and he himself performed all the rites for him. Everyone else was also very surprised by this news and they came to see the child. And started saying among themselves, look brother. Now what kind of fortune has arisen for Atmdev. How is it that even a cow has given birth to such a divine child. Luckily no one came to know about this secret. Seeing the ears of that boy from the cow, the Atmdev named him Gokarna Om.

After sowing for some time, both the boys became young. Among them, Gokarna became a great scholar and knowledge, but Dhundhukari became far away. There was no sense of cleanliness in him, nor was there any abstinence of food and drink. Anger was very high in him. It had become his nature to steal from others and increase hatred towards all. He used to set other's house on fire.

He had a special love for Chandalas, just used to roam around with a group of dogs. By falling into the trap of prostitutes, he destroyed all his father's property. One day after beating the parents, he took away all the utensils from the house.

In this way, when all the property was destroyed, then his miserly father started crying bitterly and said - ' It was better for his mother to remain barren than this, a illegitimate son is very painful. where do i live now Where do I go? Who will cut this trouble of mine? A great calamity has befallen me, due to this sorrow I will definitely have to die one day. At the same time, the most knowledgeable Gokarnaji came there and explained a lot to the father while preaching disinterest. They said, 'Father. This world is useless. It is very sad and tempting. Whose son? Whose money? A loving man burns day and night like a lamp. Happiness is neither for Indra nor Chakravarti king, happiness is only for the disinterested, lonely monk. Leave this ignorance, 'This is my son'. Infatuation leads to hell. This body will definitely be destroyed. That's why leave everything and go to the forest.

Hearing the words of Gokarnak, Atmadev got ready and started saying to him, 'Son. Tell me in detail what I should do while living in the forest. I am a big fool, till now I have been lying in the darkness of this house, not in the well, like a handicapped person, bound by karma or affection. You are very kind, save me from this.

Gokarna said - Father. This body is a mass of bones, flesh and blood, stop considering it as 'I' and never consider women and child as 'yours'. See this world as ephemeral day and night, don't be attached to it considering anything as permanent. Just be engaged in the devotion of God by being a fan of only disinterest. God's people are the biggest religion, keep taking shelter of that. Turn away from all other worldly religions. Always serve the saints. Don't let the longings of pleasures get close to you and stop thinking about the merits and demerits of others in a hurry and drink only the juice of Bhagavatseva and Bhagavan's stories.

In this way, impressed by the son's speech, Atmadev left the house and traveled to the forest. One day Dhundhukari beat her mother a lot when her father went to the forest and said- 'Tell me, where is the money kept? Otherwise, I will beat you with a burning wood. Fearing this threat of him and saddened by her son's troubles, she fell into the well during the night and due to this she died.

Dhundhukari started living in the house with five prostitutes. His mind is concerned about procuring food for them. And one day, he returned home with a lot of stolen money, clothes and ornaments. Seeing a lot of stolen goods, the women came at night and thought that he steals everyday. That's why the king must catch him some day. When one day he has to die, then why not kill him secretly to protect our wealth. With this determination, they tied the sleeping Dhundhukari with ropes and tried to kill him by hanging himself till his neck. When he died because of this, they were very worried. Then they threw many burning coals on his face, he died very much due to the flames. No one came to know about this act there. Then all of those women went away with all his property from the village.

After some time, Gokarna also heard the news of the death of Dhundhukari. Then, considering him an orphan, he performed his Shradh at Gayaji and used to perform his Shradh wherever he went.

Thus roaming around, Gokarnaji came to his village at night, avoiding the sight of others, reached directly to sleep in his house. Saw a soul sleeping there, in the middle of the night, Dhundhukari’s soul showed Gokarna terrible form. Sometimes he takes the form of a sheep, sometimes an elephant, sometimes a buffalo, sometimes Indra and sometimes Agni. At last he appeared in the shape of a human. Seeing these opposite conditions, Gokaran decided that this is a creature who has got some misfortune. Then he asked him patiently.

Gokarna said who are you? Why are you showing such terrible forms at night? How did you become like this? Tell us, are you a ghost, a vampire or a demon?

Dhundhukari started crying loudly again and again when asked like this. He did not have the power to speak, so he only indicated. Then Gokarna took water in Anjali, invited him and sprinkled it on him then the ghost said, I am your brother. My name is Dhundhukari. I destroyed my Brahminhood by my own fault. promiscuous women tortured me to death. That's why now I am suffering this plight by falling in the form of a ghost. Brother, you are an ocean of mercy, please help to get me out from this evil spirit.

Gokarna said - Brother. I am very surprised of this - I have done Gayaji pinddan for you, still how have you not been freed from the evil spirits? If you don't get salvation even by Gaya Shraddha, then there is no other solution for it. Well, you tell everything openly, what should I do now?

The ghost said - I cannot be freed even by performing Shradh of hundreds of Gayas. Now you think of some other solution for this.

Gokarna was very surprised to hear this from the ghost. They started saying- 'If you cannot be freed even after hundreds of Gaya Shraddhas, then your salvation is impossible. Well, for now you stay at your place without fear, I will think about some other solution for your salvation.

After getting Gokarna's permission, Dhundhukari returned to his abode from there. Here Gokarnan thought for the whole night, even then he could not think of any solution. Seeing him come the morning, people came to meet him with love. Then Gokarnan told them everything that had happened in the night. Those who were learned, yoginish, knowledgeable and Vedagya among them, they also looked into many scriptures and up and down, even then they could not find any solution for his salvation. Then everyone decided that they should do whatever Suryanarayan orders in this matter. Therefore, Gokarna stopped the movement of the sun by his penance. He praised - ' God. You are the witness of the whole world, I salute you. Please tell me the means to get rid of fumigation. Hearing this prayer of Gokarna, Suryadev said in clear words from a distance - 'He can get freedom from Shrimad Bhagavat Sudha Sagar, so you recite it for a week.' This pious word of Surya was heard by everyone there. Then everyone said that 'Do this with effort, this method is very simple.' Therefore, Gokarnaji also decided accordingly.

Many people in the country and villages came to listen the story. Gokarnaji started telling the Shrimad Bhagavat Sudha Sagar , then the ghost also reached there and started looking for a place to sit here and there. Just then, his eyes fell on a straightened seven-knot bamboo tree. He could not sit anywhere outside because the he was in the form of air so to listen to this story, he entered the bamboo tree.

Gokarnaji appointed a Vaishnav Brahmin as the main audience and started narrating the story in a clear voice from the very first stanza. When the story was put to rest during the time, a very strange thing happened. There, while watching the Samasad, a knot in that bamboo got torn apart. Similarly, on the second day in the evening, the second knot broke and on the third day at the same time. In this way, after breaking all the seven knots in seven days, listening to the Bhagavat, he became pure, became free from evil spirits and appeared in front of everyone in a divine form. Her body like a match was adorned with garlands of Pitambar and Tulsi, and a beautiful crown on his head, and his ears were shining gracefully. He immediately bowed down to his brother Gokarna and said - Brother. You have kindly freed me from the tortures of ghosts. Or it is the story of Shrimad Bhagavat which destroys the ghosts and its week recitation is also blessed which leads to the abode of Shri Krishna Chandra. The way fire burns all types of wood, small and big, bullet-dry. Kindly this week listening will burn all the evil.

Scholars have said in front of the deities that those who do not listen to Shrimad Bhagwat Katha in this Bharatvarsha, their birth is in vain. Even if this impermanent body is made healthy and strong, then what is the benefit of it without listening to the story of Shrimad Bhagwat? Bones are the pillars of this body, it is tied with ropes in the form of veins and nerves, it has been covered with skin by imposing flesh and blood on it. Every part of it smells bad. Because if it is a vessel of excreta and urine. Due to old age and mourning, it is sad in consequence, it has become a home of diseases. It is constantly afflicted by some or the other desire, it is never satisfied. Carrying it is also a burden, its every pore is full of faults and it doesn't take even a moment to get destroyed. In the end, if it is buried, then its whips are made. If an animal eats it, it becomes excrement and if it is burnt in the fire, So it becomes a pile of ashes. Only these three of its movements have been described. Why doesn't a man with such an unstable body make work that gives imperishable results? The food that is cooked in the morning gets spoiled by the evening. Then how is the intention of the body strengthened by that food.

God can get research by listening to the Bhagavat in this world. This is the only means for all types of retirement. Those who are deprived of Bhagavat's story, they are like bubbles in water and are born only to die. Well, by the influence of which a ghost can get freedom from evil energies so it’s not a big deal for humans to get ultimate happiness, satisfaction and God itself from Bhagavat Sudha Sagar. Bhagwat Katha(story) is very skilled in washing away the mud of the world. Scholars say that when it is situated in the heart, then the salvation of man must be understood.

At the time when Dhundhukari was saying all these things, - from sky a plane with the councilors of Vaikuntha landed, a circle-shaped light was spreading everywhere. Dhundhukari got on that plane in front of everyone. Then seeing the councilors who had come on that plane, Gokarnan said this to them.
Gokarna asked - Dear councilors of God. Here we have many pure hearted listeners, why don't you bring many planes together for all of them? We see that everyone here has heard the story equally, then why there is such a difference in fruits, tell me.

The servants of God said - O respected. The reason for this difference is the difference in their hearing. It is okay that everyone has done hearing equally, but did not meditate like this. Due to this, there was a difference in its results even after doing bhajan together. This ghost had listened without food for seven days, and with a steady mind he used to meditate a lot on the subject he had heard. The knowledge that is not firm becomes useless. In the same way, due to lack of attention, there is no result of mantra due to doubt of hearing and chanting due to wandering of the mind here and there. Vaishnavism-less country, Shraddha food offered to ineligible, charity given to Ashrotriya and unethical family - all these are going to be destroyed. If the principles of faith in Guru's words, sense of humility, victory over the defects of the mind and concentration of the mind in the story, etc. are followed, then the real result of hearing is obtained. If these listeners listen to the story of Shrimad Bhagwat again, then definitely everyone will get Vaikuntha. And Gokarnaji, God himself will come and take you to Golokdham. Saying this, all the councilors went to Vaikunthaloka chanting Hari Kirtan.


What can we say to you about the bright fruit that is accumulated by listening to the story through the weekly sacrifice? Those who drank even a letter of Gokarnaji's story from their ears, they did not come again in the mother's womb. The speed that people cannot get by drying the body by eating air, water or leaves, by doing intense penance for a long time and even by practicing yoga, they get it easily by listening to the Bhagavat Sudha Sagar. This story is very sacred. It destroys all sins by listening to it once. If it is recited at the time of Shradh, it gives great satisfaction to the ancestors and by reciting it regularly one attains salvation.