Narada Muni's Story

Story about Narada Muni's existence and why he is so close to Lord Narayana. Now days most of us think that Narada Muni is a cartoon character who use to roam around without any purpose. This story will burst all the myths about Narada Muni and will tell true story behind the existence of Narada Muni.



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Let's burst all the myth about Narada Muni and know the true story


In previous life of Narada Muni in the previous Kalpa, he was the son of a maidservant of Vedist Brahmins.

(There is a story of Narada Muni becoming a son of maidservant which is, In his previous birth Narada was a Gandharva in the Mahakalpa before this. His name was Upabarhana and he had great respect among the Gandharvas. His beauty, delicacy and sweetness were unique. Women used to love him a lot and he was always in a daze. He was very luxurious. Once a knowledge session was held at the deities' place. Big Prajapatis had come in that. They called Gandharva and Apsaras to sing the pastimes of God. Upabarhana knew that it is a society of saints and only God's pastimes are sung there. Still he reached there like a maniac singing folksongs with women. The Devas saw that he was disrespecting us. They cursed him with their power that 'you have disrespected us, so all your beauty-wealth should be destroyed and you will soon become a Shudra(servent)'. By curse he became the son of a maidservant.)

Those Brahmins were doing Chaturmasya at a place during the rainy season. In Narada's childhood he was appointed in service of those Brahmins. Although he was a child, still he does not do any kind of fickleness. he was multi-sensory, stayed away from sports and used to serve them as per their orders. He used to speak very less. Seeing this modesty of Narada Muni, the equanimous sages showered immense blessings on Narada Muni. After obtaining their permission, he used to eat the falsehood once in the utensils. This washed away all his sins. While serving them in this way, his heart became pure and he became interested in the way they used to worship. In that satsang, by the grace of those Leelaganparayan Mahatmas, They used to narrate the beautiful stories of Shri Krishna everyday. While listening to each verse with devotion, Narada became interested in Lord Shri Krishna. When he became interested in God, then his intelligence also became fixed in that charming Lord. With that intelligence, he began to see this entire world of truth and form as imagined by Maya in his Supreme Self. In this way, in the two seasons of Autumn and Rain, those Mahatma sages chanted the pure fame of Shri Hari at all the three times and Narada kept listening to everything with love. Now the bhakti which destroys the Rajoguna and Tamoguna of the mind has emerged in His heart. He was very fond of those Vedist, was polite; His sins were destroyed by the service of those people. He had faith in his heart, restraint in his senses and he was obedient to them in body, speech and mind. While leaving, those Brahmins kindly preached him that most secret knowledge, which was preached by God himself from his Shrimukh. It was only through that instruction that he could know the effect of the illusion of Lord Krishna, the creator of the world, by knowing whose life one attains his supreme position.

The secret knowledge preached to Narada Muni was:

That surrendering all your actions to Shri Krishna is the only medicine for all the three heat of the world. The substance that causes disease to animals, it also cures that disease when used according to the method of medicine. In the same way, although all actions no matter good or bad, lead a man to the cycle of birth and death in the world, yet when they are dedicated to the Lord, then those actions also lead towards God. In this world, the actions prescribed by the scriptures are done for the pleasure of God, only through them the knowledge of Parabhakti is attained. In the path of that Bhagavadhartha Karma, people, while behaving according to the orders of the Lord, chant and remember the names and virtues of Lord Krishna again and again.

When the Mahatmagans who preached Narada Muni went away, then he spent his life in this way - although he was very young at that time. He was the only boy in his mother's family. Firstly she was a woman, secondly she was a fool and thirdly she was a maid. Narada Muni also had no other support except his mother.

She had bound herself with Narada Muni’s affection. She used to worry a lot about his well-being, but being dependent, could not do anything. As a puppet dances according to the wishes of the dancer, similarly this whole world is under the control of God. Narada Muni too stayed in that Brahmin colony bound by the bond of affection for his mother. He was only five years old; he had no knowledge about direction, country and time. Once upon a time, Narada Muni’s mother came out of the house at night to milk the cow. On the way, a snake touched her feet and bit the poor woman. What is the fault of that snake, Kalki had such an inspiration. Narada Muni understood, this is also a grace of God who wants the welfare of the devotees. After this he started walking towards the north. After traveling a long way, he saw a very deep forest. Reeds, bamboo, sandha, kush, kichak etc. were standing in it. Its length and width was also very much and it was becoming home to snakes, owls, jackals etc. terrible creatures. It looked very scary. While walking, he felt very thirsty, he was hungry anyway. A river was found there. He bathed, drank and ate in that river. This removed my tiredness. In that vision forest, he sat down by taking a seat under a peepal tree. As he had heard from those sages, he started meditating on the same form of God who resides in the heart. As soon as he meditated on the lotus feet of the Lord with a mind subjugated by devotion, tears welled up in his eyes due to the fervent longing to attain God and gradually God appeared in his heart. At that time his every pore was filled with excitement of love. The heart became very calm and cool. He drowned in the flood of that joy in such a way that he had no idea of himself and his goal. That indescribable form of the Lord was the destroyer of all sorrows and very attractive to the mind. Suddenly, that image of the God disappeared and after not seeing God, Narada Muni became very distraught and reluctantly got up from the seat.

He wanted to see that form again; But he could not see God even after repeatedly trying to see God by absorbing the mind in the heart. He became eager like unsatisfied. Thus seeing him striving in the deserted forest, the Lord himself, who is not the object of speech, calms his sorrow with a very deep and sweet voice.

God said, I am sorry that you will not be able to see me in this birth. My darshan is very rare for those half-baked yogis whose desires have not completely calmed down. Innocent child! I have shown you a glimpse of my form once only to awaken in your heart the longing to attain me. A seeker with the aspiration of attaining Me, gradually renounces all the desires of the heart. Your mind has become stable in me only after serving a saint for a short period of time. Now you will leave this dirty body and become my councilor. Great God remained silent after saying this.

In this way, by the grace of the Lord, his heart became pure, attachment was removed and he became devoted to Shri Krishna. After some time, like a sudden flash of lightning, he died at his own time. When Lord Narayana sleeps in the waters of Ekarnava (the doomsday sea), at that time when Brahma ji started entering his heart by covering the whole creation with the desire to sleep in his heart, then Narada Muni also entered his heart with Lord Narayana’s breath. After one thousand Chaturyugi passed, when Brahma woke up and wished to create, then with Marichi Rishis Narada Muni also appeared with Brahma's senses. Since then, by the grace of the Lord, he roam freely in Vaikunthadi and in all the three worlds, both inside and outside. The fast of his life Bhagavad Bhajan continues unbroken. He roam around in the whole world singing the songs of his pastimes by playing taunts on the veena adorned with this swarabrahma given by God. When he begin to sing of His pastimes, then the Lord, whose lotus feet are the source of all pilgrimages and whose eulogies are very dear to Narada Muni, immediately appears in Narada Muni’s heart like an invitee. For those whose mind is constantly yearning for sensual pleasures, the chanting of God's pastimes is a ship to cross the world-ocean, this is Narada Muni’s own experience.

Aha! This Devarshi Narada is blessed; Because he not only rejoices himself by singing the glory of God on his veena, but at the same time he also makes this tri-tempered world happy.